Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Letter to all AOs/DDOs requesting for deduction of Membership Fees

Letter addressed to concerned AOs/DDOs of Central Excise Rajkot Commissionerate requesting for deduction of Membership Fees from salary in r/o. Inspectors. 

Letters have also been sent to all respective AOs/DDOs of Central Excise Bhavnagar and Jamnagar Customs Commissionerates for similar action.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Trade Notice No. 29/2014 and 30/2014

Trade Notices issued by the Commissioner, Central Excise, Rajkot regarding (i) Reorganization of Central Excise, Rajkot and Kutch (Gandhidham) Commissionerates and (ii) Formation of Central Excise, Kutch (Gandhidham) Commissionerate.

1. Trade Notice No. 29/2014-CE dated 07.10.2014 (Reorganization of C.Ex. Rajkot)

2. Trade Notice No. 30/2014-CE dated 07.10.2014 (Formation of C.Ex. Kutch (Gandhidham)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


        All the officers and staff members of Central Excise, Customs & Service Tax, Rajkot Commissionerate are cordially invited by the newly promottee Superintendent of Central Excise and Customs in the dinner party organized on occasion of their promotion to the grade of Superintendent.

:: VENUE ::

08th October, 2014, Wednesday
07:00 pm onwards
Central Excise (HQ), Rajkot

Letter to Chairman, Comiittee for Cadre Restructuring, Ahmedabad Zone

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Greetings to Newly Promoted Officers

It is a matter of great joy that a large number of members of this Association including the Office-Bearers have got their much due promotion to the grade of Superintendent. On this occasion, the undersigned, on behalf of all the members of this Association, heartily congratulates the newly promoted members of this Association as well as his team members in the Association and wishes them success for their future assignments. The undersigned also takes this opportunity to thank all of them for their contribution to the growth of this Association as well as requests all of them to continue with the bonding made in a long time. It is also requested that the esteemed members should continue to give their valuable suggestions, aid & advice and guidance in nurturing this Association in future.

Wishing you all grand success in life & career! 

Yours faithfully,
Rananjay Pratap Singh
Organizing Secretary

Monday, September 29, 2014

Updates from Delhi

Updates from Delhi

As is known to all, the CBEC & its organizations have moved ahead on the path of Cadre Restructuring without taking into considerations the submissions made by this Association time & again. This unilateral move of CBEC has failed to deliver justice not only to Cadre but is against the aims & objectives of CR, causing a lot of litigations in the Hon’ble CAT Benches at New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai etc. This is a serious situation where either way the interest of the Cadre is at stake.

The Office-Bearers of the National Body of this Association discussed the ongoing scenario and brought the matter to the competent authority at New Delhi which in turn invited us for a discussion. It was decided that the Association would be represented by a delegation consisting of Shri Abhishek Kamal, Secretary General, Shri Devender Kumar, Liason Secretary and Shri Rananjay Pratap Singh, Vice-President representing West Zone.

The delegation called on DG (HRD) on 25.09.2014 and requested her to adopt a formula which may pave the way for smooth implementation of CR as the same is beneficial to the Cadre as well as to the Department. The delegation expressed its view that promotions should immediately be given to all the Inspectors who joined the Department before issuance of All India Merit List, but, it should not be given to the Inspectors who have joined the Department after All India Examination, without implementation of All India Seniority. The delegation apprised her regarding the stagnation continuing in Zones like Shillong, Lucknow/Meerut, Kolkata, Cochin, Jaipur, Bhopal, Patna etc. even after the implementation of Cadre Restructuring and requested her to take appropriate measures to remove the stagnation in these Zones and regional disparities in promotion. The DG (HRD) seemed convinced that in principle All India Seniority is the only way to address regional disparities in promotion to the grade of Superintendent & to remove stagnation of poor Zones, but expressed her inability in giving effect to it since SSC-1996.  On the basis of facts and figures, the delegation suggested many ways to implement All India Seniority from SSC-1996.  The DG (HRD) expressed hope that All India Seniority may be implemented from 2014, on this, the delegation asserted that the same should be from SSC-1996 itself i.e. from the time when the first batch of Inspectors was recruited on All India Basis. This was countered by DG (HRD) citing the huge inconvenience but the argument was nullified by the delegation citing the recent judgment of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in the case of N R Parmar v/s. Union of India where the Hon’ble Court has clarified that inconvenience can never be cited as a cause to subvert justice. The delegation also suggested a workable formulae to fill the vacant posts of Superintendents in well off Zones by way of giving promotions to the Inspectors of stagnated Zones and posting them against the vacant posts of well off Zones, but, the DG (HRD) seemed to be non-committal on this.  Discussions were also held regarding the implementation of judgment of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in the case of N R Parmar v/s. Union of India.

The delegation also called on other officials at North Block on 26.09.2014 and discussed the impact of Cadre Restructuring on our Cadre.  Regarding our query about uneven and unjustified posts allocations in Cadre Restructuring, nobody was able to respond.  The delegation suggested ways to address genuine grievances of the Cadre and showed its apprehensions and displeasure on poor functioning of the Study Group. It was also brought to the knowledge of the delegation that a Meeting with the Study Group may be fixed with recognized Staff Associations in the second week of October, 2014 which may be the last Meeting of the Study Group before it submits its Report. 
Apart from the above, the delegation also called on other important dignitaries, who have very crucial role to play in weeks to come in achieving the goals of the AICEIA for which the present team is committed.

Yours fraternally,

Abhishek Kamal
Secretary General

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Draft Transfer Policy for Rajkot Sector for Cadre Restructuring.


A combined meeting of the members of All India Central Excise Gazetted Executive Officers’ Association (Rajkot Unit) & All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association (Rajkot Branch) was held on 24.08.2014 at Central Excise Bhavan, Rajkot wherein the impact of Cadre Restructuring was discussed in detail and it was so decided by the members that views/comments may be called from them and based on the same, a draft Transfer Policy be prepared for Cadre Restructuring by the Committee constituted in this regard. It was also decided that another meeting be held on 28.08.2014 and the members were requested to submit their views/comments by then.

In pursuance of the agenda of the Meeting dated 24.08.2014, some of the members submitted their views and comments on the proposed draft Transfer Policy and as deliberated, another meeting of the members of both the Associations was held on 28.08.2014 at Central Excise Bhawan, Rajkot. In the said Meeting, based upon the views/comments submitted by the members, a draft Transfer Policy was framed the Committee constituted in this regard.

The draft Transfer Policy was put up on the Blog of the AICEGEO (Rajkot Unit) and the respected members gave their valuable suggestions and accordingly, some amendments have been made in the draft Transfer Policy.

Keeping in view the vast geographical area & peculiar service conditions, Transfer Policy for Rajkot Sector for “Cadre Restructuring” is proposed as herein below:

(i) Officers who are willing to work in the newly created formations may be given priority. For this, willingness of all the officers working in the present formations may be called for by the administration. All those officers willing to work at newly created formations, to the extent possible and subject to availability of vacancy, may be accommodated at their willing formations and those officers willing to be repatriated to their parent Commissionerate may be accommodated at their parent Commissionerate either during the course of ‘Cadre Restructuring’ or latest by AGT-2015, subject to the Transfer Policy under which their previous transfer was effected. Option regarding willingness may be exercised on one time basis & thereafter, there may be no scope for change of parent Commissionerate in future;

(ii) To minimize the displacement of officers of Rajkot Sector, the officers coming from other Sector or Zone may be posted to newly created formations against the vacancy;

(iii) If there is shortage of officers, even after conduct of above exercise,  newly promoted officers may be posted to newly created formations provided those officers have completed at least two years in their parent Commissionerate including SEZ’s, irrespective of the grade and if the number of newly promoted officers exceeds the number of vacancies, then, the junior most among them should be preferred first for transfer & posting to newly created formations;

(iv) If there is shortage of officers, even after conduct of above exercise, then, all those officers, who have not been transferred on being promoted or recruited since 2009 as per the existing Transfer Policy framed in 2009, may be posted to newly created formations and if their number exceeds the number of vacancies, then, the junior most among them should be preferred first for transfer & posting to newly created formations;

(v) If there is shortage of officers, even after conduct of above exercise, then, junior most officers in their respective grade, who have not been transferred to outside jurisdiction of their parent Commissionerate, may be posted to newly created formations;

(vi)Tenure of officers posted to newly created formations under any of the aforementioned categories except clause (i) may be of one year and facility of repatriation may not be available to those officers who opt to work in the newly created formations as per their willingness;

(vii) Officers from the existing formations may be proportionately displaced to fill up the vacancy of the newly created formations;

(viii) Criteria of Sensitive & Non-Sensitive posting should be followed as per the “History of Posting” of the officer concerned and they may be given posting according to the existing Policy even on displacement to newly created formations;

(ix) Rotation between Central Excise & Service Tax should be done so as to give equal exposure & opportunity to all the officers;

(x) Before issuance of final Orders, due list of all the officers being considered for posting to newly created formations or rotation in the existing formations be placed on the Notice Board well in advance and a copy of the same should be provided to the recognized Associations;

(xi) No ground for exemption from posting to newly created formations should be entertained before the publication of the Due List. Representations may be entertained after the publication of the Due List & with the consultation of the recognized Associations;

(xii) Representations, if any, should be disposed of with the time frame as laid down by the Department of Personnel & Training and the outcome thereof, should be brought to the notice of the officer concerned;

(xiii) Exemptions, if any, being considered by the administration should be brought to the notice of the concerned Association before being finalized and the reasons for the same should categorically be mentioned in the Note Sheet;

(xiv) Any deviation/relaxation on whatever ground from the principles as laid down in the Transfer Policy may be done by the Committee of Commissioners of Rajkot Sector and with the prior written approval of the concerned Chief Commissioner;

(xv) This Transfer Policy shall be applicable only for ‘Cadre Restructuring’ and once, the formations come into existence, a new Transfer Policy shall be framed.

This draft Transfer Policy restricted for “Cadre Restructuring” is being submitted herewith to the administration for their kind consideration.

  (D. J. PANDYA)                                                 (G. K. JHALA)
General Secretary                                            General Secretary