Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Black Badge Protest on 27.11.2015 Against the Retrograde Recommendations of 7th CPC: Reg.

 F. No. AICEIA/RJT/1/2008        
 Date: 23.11.2015

The Chief Commissioner,
Central Excise: Ahmedabad Zone,
Central Excise Bhavan,
Near Polytechnic,
Ahmedabad-380 015.


Sub: Notice for Black Badge Protest on 27.11.2015 Against the Retrograde Recommendations of 7th CPC: Reg.

Please refer to the subject mentioned above.

In this regard, it is to intimate that the National Body of AICEIA affiliated to the Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers has, in support of the Confederation, given a Call to participate in protest by wearing Black Badges on duty on 27.11.2015. The members of this Branch of AICEIA will adhere to the Call given by its National Body. The letter dated 22.11.2015 written by Shri Abhishek Kamal, Secretary General, AICEIA & addressed to the Chairman, CBEC, New Delhi along with the Press Statement dated 20.11.2015 issued by National Joint Council of Action is attached herewith for ready reference.

Yours faithfully,
(Rananjay Pratap Singh)
Encl. As above.(03 Pages)

Copy submitted to:
(1)  The Chief Commissioner, Customs: Gujarat Zone, Ahmedabad for favour of kind information please.

(2)  The Principal Commissioner/Commissioner, Central Excise & Service Tax, Rajkot / Bhavnagar / Kutch / Audit-III & Customs, Jamnagar / Kandla / Mundra for favour of kind information please.

     (3)  Official Blog of AICEIA (Rajkot Branch).

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

JCM at Customs (Preventive), Jamnagar Commissionerate on 19.11.2015: Reg.

Dear Comrades,

It is to intimate that JCM has been fixed by the Commissioner, Customs (Preventive), Jamnagar Commissionerate on 19.11.2015 in the Chamber of Additional Commissioner, Customs (Preventive), Jamnagar Commissionerate. 

It is, therefore, requested to share your grievances, if any, with the undersigned or with the President or with Shri Nishit Buddhdev for redressal of the same. The JCM may be attended by the undersigned & Shri Nishit Buddhdev.

Looking forward to meet you tomorrow!

With fraternal regards,
(Rananjay Pratap Singh)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Diwali & New Year Greetings

This Association (AICEIA, Rajkot Branch) wishes the officers/staff of the Department and their families a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali & New Year. On this pious occasion, let us pledge to dedicate ourselves to the service of the Nation and uphold the high values and ideals that inspire the service.

With sincere regards,
(Rananjay Pratap Singh)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Notice for Black Badge Protest on 02.09.2015 in Support of Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers: Reg.

  F. No. AICEIA/RJT/1/2008                                                                               Date: 26.08.2015

The Chief Commissioner,
Central Excise: Ahmedabad Zone,
Central Excise Bhavan,
Near Polytechnic,
Ahmedabad-380 015.


          Sub: Notice for Black Badge Protest on 02.09.2015: Reg.

          Please refer to the subject mentioned above.

          In this regard, it is to intimate that the National Body of AICEIA, which is affiliated to the Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers, has, in support of Confederation’s Call of Strike, given a Call to participate in protest by wearing Black Badges on duty on 02.09.2015. The members of this Branch of AICEIA will adhere to the Call given by its National Body. The letter addressed to the Chairman, CBEC, New Delhi which is written by Shri Abhishek Kamal, Secretary General, AICEIA along with the Charter of Demands given by the Confederation to the Cabinet Secretary, Govt. of India is attached herewith for ready reference.

Yours faithfully,
(Rananjay Pratap Singh)
Encl. As above.

Copy submitted to:
(1)  The Chief Commissioner, Customs: Gujarat Zone, Ahmedabad for favour of kind information please.

(2)  The Principal Commissioner/Commissioner, Central Excise & Service Tax, Rajkot / Bhavnagar / Kutch / Audit-III & Customs, Jamnagar / Kandla / Mundra for favour of kind information please.

(3)Official Blog of AICEIA (Rajkot Branch).

Note: All the Branch Committee members are requested to take note of this and make the       Call of protest given by the National Body of AICEIA, a grand success.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Updates from New Delhi & Other Organizational Issues:Reg.

Co-Ordination Meeting at New Delhi & Other Updates

A Co-ordination Meeting of all office bearers of the National Body of All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association was held in New Delhi on 26.07.2015. Com. Anupam Neeraj, President chaired the said Meeting. The main agenda of the Meeting was to review the recent developments like JAC, Stagnation, All India Seniority, 7th CPC, GST Victimization of Office Bearers, ICT, Ensuring CEC Meeting, Strike Call given by COC and other organizational matters. The details (Minutes of the Meeting) are as under:-

1.          Joint Action Committee:-

AICEIA has always been committed towards bringing all the Associations working under CBEC, together on common issues. Even, we held many meetings with other sister organizations for fighting together. Although, we have not had so good experiences of past, we tried again and again to create a common platform to work together for common causes. The first condition for JAC formation laid down was that it will not take-up the Cadre specific issues as the difference of interests of the different Cadres have been the prime reasons for losing this platform in past. Realising the need of the hour, eleven Recognised Associations in CBEC attended the meeting at Kolkata on 28.06.2015 to form the JAC and also to chalk out the charter of demands which were in consensus and these demands are as below:-

a.                  The CBEC should consult the member of Associations/Federations before submitting the views of the CBEC to the 7th CPC. A meeting of all the Associations/Federations must be convened by CBEC in this regard, immediately;

b.                 Timely DPC’s should be ensured and all the vacancies in all the cadres should be filled up immediately for smooth and seamless functioning of the Department;

c.           Vacancies available at higher levels for want of eligible candidates may be downgraded under GFR 254 and filled up with officers from lower grades;

d.                 The units with a turnover of more than Rs 10 lakhs should not be given to the States and the CBEC should consult with the Staff Associations/Federations before making any organisational changes with reference to implementation of GST. Proper training should be imparted to all officers concerned for implementation of GST;

e.  All Recruitment Rules should be finalised in consultations with the Associations/Federations concerned immediately;

f.             Minimum Five functional promotions must be granted in the career of an employee entering the Department;

g.                    MACP anomalies must be removed immediately without any further delay;

h.                   Time bound disposal of vigilance cases should be ensured;

i.                     Immediate provision of essential infrastructure and office space to all officers as per the prescribed norms;

j.                   Employee Grievance Redressal Mechanism is to be put in place at Central as well as zonal level for on the spot redressal of staff grievances;

k.                 The 1% incremental incentive amount should percolate down to the welfare of all Cadres in the Department in proportion to their strength; and,

l.                   Implementation of the comprehensive health insurance scheme at the earliest. Accordingly, it was decided that the Convener shall submit a representation to Chairman, CBEC with a copy to Secretary (Revenue), Govt. Of India along with the charter of demands with a request to provide immediate audience to all office bearers of constituent Associations of JAC. In the meeting it was decided that Convener should be appointed from IRS (Indirect Taxes).

OA and Joint Conveners should be two each from Customs & Excise side. Accordingly, following panel was formed:-

A. CONVENER: Shri Lokanath Mishra, Secretary General of IRS (Indirect Taxes) Officers Association. B.JOINT-CONVENERS:

1. Shri Ravi Malik, Secretary General, AIACEGEO

2. Shri Asim Pramanick, President, AICESTMOA

3. Shri Ashis Chakrabarty, Secretary General, All India Customs Gr-C Officers' Federation.

4. Shri Venugopal Nair, President , All India Customs Preventive Service Federation.

The charter of demand was signed by the office bearers of all the organisation. On the basis of the charter one appointment was given by the Chairman, CBEC on 23.07.2015 where the issues were discussed and the Chairman assured the delegation of timely and proper redressal of the issues.

2.          Stagnation and All India Seniority:-

As we know that the cadre of Inspector of Central Excise is the most stagnated cadre in Central Government Departments. For removal of stagnation, we approached every nook and corner of the North Block including CBEC to Ministry to Judiciary. Till date, we have not achieved the desired result except repeated assurances. The Secretary General apprised the Central Committee Members about the work done by the National Body in this regard at different forums. Com. Anupam Neeraj, President apprised the House about the Meeting fixed with Sh. Jayant Sinha, Hon'ble Minister of State (Finance), Govt. Of India on different issues pertaining to the cadre on 27.07.2015. The House discussed the points, which should be the part of the memorandum given to the Hon'ble Minister. The matters pending before the Court were also discussed during the Meeting.

3.      7th Central Pay Commission:-

The Secretary General apprised the Central Committee Members about all the meetings with the 7th CPC including the last meeting held on 17th June 2015. We put our demands effectively, which are as follow-

       Accord Pay-Parity between Superintendent of Central Excise and the Dy. SP, CBI i.e. to place the Superintendent of Central Excise in the Grade Pay of Rs. 5400 in PB-3;

       To evaluate the manpower requirement at short intervals;

       To conduct periodic Cadre Reviews;

       To strengthen the Audit & Anti Evasion mechanism considering that the entire tax control has been shifted from physical control to production based control to audit based control;

       Training and incentives to staff to enable computerization of the Department in a full-fledged manner;

       Abolition of Control Room Duty and Uniform for Central Excise and Service Tax;

       Reasonable Uniform Allowance for maintaining Uniform in Customs;

       To notify new Recruitment Rules for Central Excise Inspectors as Group ‘B’ Non-Gazetted Officers;

       Payment of Rummaging Allowance on par with Inspectors of Customs;

       Payment of Local Travel Expenses (Petrol Allowance) on par with Inspectors of Income Tax

       Payment of Risk Allowance;

       Parity with the CBI Inspectors w.e.f. 01.01.1996; and,

       Same entry pay level for both the Direct and Promotee Officers.

Apart from the above, we also asked Hon'ble Commission to recommend five MACPS, MACPS on the Pay Scale of next Promotional Posts, abolition of NPS etc. Hon'ble Chairman agreed for at least four MACPS & MACP on next promotional post but, did not agree on abolition of NPS. Hon'ble Chairman also did not agree to adding new allowance similar to other Departments. However, he told that allowances will be enhanced to some extent. The 7th CPC will submit its recommendation in the month of August 2015.

4.      Goods & Service Tax:-

The Goods and Service Tax is expected from April 2016 and the Association is also gearing up for safeguarding its members' right in the new regime of indirect taxation. The GST report of Com. Rajashish Dutta discussed at length and areas were identified in which the Association has to work for safeguarding the rights of its members.

5.      Victimization of Office Bearers of Kerala Circle:-

Com.  Arun Kumar A, Working President briefed the situation in detailed and asked for resolution over the issue. The Issue started with JCM/GRM conducted by the Commissioner at Cochin where the office bearers were insisted to wear uniform. The Commissioner refused to accept the explanations of the office bearers for not wearing the uniform as well as not availing Special Casual Leave for attending the said meeting and initiated action against them by directing the AC (P&V) to take action against Shri Sreejith, Working President and the Commissioner at Trivandrum to take action against the Shri Prabodh, President of Kerala Circle. Further, all seasoned office bearers were posted out of Headquarters of Cochin Commissionerate in an attempt to weaken the Association. In the latest series, Shri Arun Kumar A was asked to provide proof for the post held as well as the entire details of this meeting, when requested for Special Casual Leave for a day for attending the Co-Ordination Meeting.

The House unanimously condemned such types of action of the administration. The House extended its full support and it was advised to keep the administration busy by way of pointing out the wrong and dictatorial decisions of the administration. The Secretary General assured that if the issue will not resolved at the level of Circle, the matter will be taken with the higher authorities by the National Body.

6.      ICT & Fixation of Seniority on the Supreme Court Judgment on N R Parmar:-

The issue of ICT (Inter Zonal Transfer) was also discussed during the Meeting. The Cadre Controlling Authorities under various zones are following divergent policies owing to which the deserving candidates, whose request was considered as genuine, are unable to get the requisite benefit of transfer. Com. Arun Kumar A, Working President also briefed where the administration of Kerala Zone has delayed the relief of officers applied and granted ICT. Issue has been taken to the Court by the Department which has cited the reason of staff shortage for not granting relief. This is the situation when officers are given on loan as well as deputation all the while. Further, many Cadre Controlling Authorities have not yet finalized the Seniority List of Inspectors in light of Hon’ble Supreme Court judgment in the case of N R Parmar v/s. Union of India despite Board's clear-cut guidelines. A letter on both the issues were written to the Board and the same were discussed in many meetings with them. Now, it has come to our notice that they are going to direct the field formations for dealing with the matter on priority basis. It was also decided to direct all the Circles/Branches/Units of AICEIA to take up the matter of fixation of seniority, based on N R Parmar Judgment, with their CCAs. However, some information has been sought by the House about the matter related to ICT of Kerala Zone from Com. Arun Kumar A and he assured to send it.

7.          Organizational Issues:-

i.  Office bearers not discharging their duties:-

It was discussed, during the Co-Ordination Meeting, that some of the Office Bearers including Com. B. S. Prasad and Com. Aditya Sharma are neither attending any meeting nor communicating with the office bearers of national body. They even failed to respond to the communications by the Secretary General. No work has been done by them since their appointment. The House took serious note on the matter and the following decisions were taken-

a.     A mail/letter should be written to them asking the reasons for not working for the association despite holding the post at National Body.

b.     All Circles/Branches/Units should be asked to forward the data required by the National Body time to time on priority basis and without any delay. Further, the National Body should ask any data from Circles/Branches/Units through the Joint Secretary of the National Body with a copy to local units.

ii. Situation at AICEIA, Hyderabad Branch:-

The Secretary General briefed the situation of Hyderabad Branch. The Interim body at Hyderabad was formed to take care the day to day activities of the Association at Hyderabad but, despite the lapse of many months the election could not be held there. When contacted with the Office Bearers there, it has been found that the main reason behind not conducting election is that the charge of accounts has not been handed over by Shri B. S. Prasad (who is the Ex-Treasurer of Hyderabad Branch) to the Interim Body. Moreover, many members intimated the National Body that the Interim Body has not organized any General Body Meeting till date and even they helped the administration in creating faulty and biased Transfer & Posting Norms. The House taken serious note of the issue and took following decisions-

a.     Sh. B. S. Prasad should be directed to hand over the charge of Accounts to the Interim Body without any further delay.

b.      The Interim Body of Hyderabad Branch should be directed to organize the General Body Meeting and election without further delay.

c.     Com. Sandip Unnikrishnan, Vice President (South Zone) to co-ordinate with all the Branches/Circles/Units of South Zone and find replacement of Sh. B. S. Prasad, Joint Secretary (South Zone) unanimously.

d.     Com. Sandip Unnikrishnan, Vice President (South Zone) has also been assigned the job of co-ordinating with the members and office bearers of interim body of Hyderabad Branch in order to conduct election and form a new body. In case if they need financial (with pre-condition to refund once Association is formed and issue is solved) or other assistance, we shall extend that.

iii. Ways and initiative to increase the membership of the Association:-

The performance of every Branch/Circle were discussed and found that many Zones/Circles need to work in a manner that fulfils the genuine rights of its members. Many Zones need to enhance the memberships. For this, every Joint Secretaries/Vice-Presidents of National Body will co-ordinate to the General Secretaries and Presidents of their jurisdiction and help them in order to reach even the Inspectors posted at remote areas. The election at Vishakhapattnam, Kerala, Agra, Tiruvelveli, Goa, Patna, Bhubaneshwar and Delhi were discussed. Further, the ongoing process of election at Meerut Circle was also discussed and it was decided to recognize the Meerut Circle, if it satisfies the constitution of AICEIA. The following decisions have been taken-

a.   Joint Secretary/Vice-Presidents of National Body will collect the data related to each and every Zones, where election is inevitable either due to completion of tenure or the promotion in the CR.

b.       Sh. Rajesh Kumar, Organizing Secretary has been assigned to collect the election details from the Units/Circles since February, 2015, to identify units where election is due, to make sure the DDO certificates are in order and dues are cleared.

c. The House appreciated the role of Shri Rajesh Kumar for formation of body at Goa. Further, the House also appreciated the work of Sh. Dina Nath Kar, G. S. West Bengal Circle and Sh. Rajesh Kumar, Organizing Secretary for organizing Blood Donation Camp at Kolkata and Dhanbad respectively.

iv. Participation in Strike Called by the COC:-

The Staff side National JCM/COC has given call for General Strike on 02.09.2015 and indefinite National Strike Call from 23.11.2015 to pursue 12 points charter of demands. Being member of the COC, we have to show solidarity with the COC. During the Meeting, it has been decided to wear black badge on 02.09.2015 and for this an uniform design of badge will be prepared and sent to all Circles/Branches/Units, so that they can print it and wear it on 02.09.2015. Further, it has been unanimously decided to go for indefinite strike on 23.11.2015 with COC.

v. CEC Meeting at Ahmedabad:-

The next Central Executive Committee Meeting has been fixed at Ahmedabad but, the date of the Meeting has not been informed by the host Unit till date. The members discussed it and opined that it is going to be late as the CEC is due in the month of August, 2015. The SG informed that Sh. Manoj Kumar Singh, President, Ahmedabad Branch assured that they will announce the date of the Meeting within a week.

Further, Sh. Rananjay Pratap Singh, Vice President representing West Zone, has been assigned the work to monitor and help the host Unit in order to organize fruitful CEC.

vi. Review of the Work of the Committee set up in CEC Meeting Kolkata:-

Two committees were set up during CEC Meeting Kolkata i.e. Committee on Vigilance Matter and Committee on Legal Matters. But, the Committees have not done any significant progress during these months and no report has been submitted till date.

Com. Arun Kumar, Working President was assigned the work to pursue the matter and devise/adopt the methodology that suits the majority.

vii. Filling the vacant post of the Joint Secretary (North Zone):-

After promotion of Com. Ajay Kumar Saini, the post of the Joint Secretary (North Zone) is lying vacant. Com. Devendra Kumar, Liaison Secretary has been assigned the work to co-ordinate with all the Branches/Circles/Units of North Zone and find proper person for the post of the Joint Secretary (North Zone).

viii. Meeting with Sh. Jayant Sinha, Minister of State (Finance), Govt. Of India:-

The meeting with Sh. Jayant Sinha, Minister of State (Finance), Govt. Of India is scheduled to be held at his residence on 27.07.2015. The issues to be discussed with the Minister were discussed during the Meeting and memorandum was prepared. Due to some urgent domestic work, the SG told that he is unable to attend the meeting and Com. Rananjay Pratap Singh, Vice-President representing West zone was nominated to participate in the Meeting along with Com. Anupam Neeraj, President.

ix. Grooming of the Next-in-Line:-

This is something we have to make a regular practice so that there shall be ample bench strength to lead the Association at all level. It was suggested that those who are able may be brought in.

Special mention was made on the activities of Com. Karunakar Reddy, G. S. Chennai Branch, Com. Prabodh, President, Kerala Circle and Com. Manoj Kumar Singh, President, Ahmedabad Branch for their outstanding work in very little time.

x. Other Issues, which were discussed upon:-

a.   Delay in Vigilance Proceedings;

b. Compassionate Appointment;

c.Benefit from 1% incremental scheme;

d. Health Insurance Scheme to be launched by CBEC;

e. Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System;

f.    Allowances in the form of Mobile phones and charges;

g.  Scope of going to media when it comes to strike; and,

h.   Access for association to video conferencing systems installed by the department.

The Co-Ordination Meeting was concluded with the Vote of Thanks by Com. Anupam Neeraj, President.

Details of Meeting with Sh. Jayant Sinha, Minister of State for Finance, held on 27.07.2015

A meeting with Hon'ble Minister of State (Finance), Govt. Of India was held on 27.07.2015 at his residence in New Delhi. The Association apprised him about the negligence of CBEC towards this largest working cadre of Indirect Tax Administration. We presented our well prepared memorandum and discussed the issues like acute stagnation, regional disparity in promotion, post-CR problems, non-submission of the report of Study Group on Stagnation and non-implementation of reports of previous Committees, irrelevancy of Uniform, Control Room, poor infrastructure facilities (even when we have implemented Sevottam), our apprehension in GST regime etc.

Hon'ble Minister gave us ample time to discuss all the issues and was convinced on many issues. He assured us that the Cadre will get its due rights & benefits.

Yours fraternally,
(Abhishek Kamal)
Secreatry General