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Representation to the CC, Central Excise, Ahmedabad reg. posting of new recruit Inspectors

F.No. AICEIA/RJT/1/2008

Date: 27.12.2010


The Chief Commissioner,

Central Excise,

Ahmedabad Zone,



Sub: Posting of new recruit inspector to Bhavnagar Commissionerate.


Sir, as your honour is already aware that Rajkot Sector comprises of three Commissionerates i.e. Central Excise Commissionerate Rajkot & Bhavnagar and Customs Preventive Commissionerate Jamnagar. The jurisdiction overseen by these commissionerates is entire Saurashtra region. The distance from one end to other end of this region is more than 500 kms. And top of it, it boasts of very hostile and far-flung areas and vast coastline at inhospitable places where the Customs and Central Excise office are found dotted.

Sir, your kind attention is invited to the present position of officers of Rajkot Commissionerate posted to Bhavnagar Commissionerate. During the restructuring of jurisdiction, bifurcation of the Rajkot Commissionerate which was carried out in the year 2001-02, two Central Excise Commissionerates viz. Bhavnagar and Rajkot came into existence. Due to carving of new Bhavnagar Commissionerate, there occurred an inevitable staffing imbalance and an consensus was arrived at, at the relevant time that the deficiency in the ministerial staff in respect of Bhavnagar Commissionerate would be filled by the Rajkot Commissionerate and the deficiency in the executive cadre would be would be filled up by Ahmedabad Sector and accordingly the orders were issued. This practice was discontinued from the year 2004-05 onwards and only the Inspectors of Rajkot Commissionerate are being posted to Bhavnagar Commissionerate. These officers posted to Bhavnagar Commissionerate are to be repatriated as per the transfer policy.

During the annual general transfer order issued in May-2009 and June 2010 some officers of Rajkot Commissionerate were posted to Bhavnagar Commissionerate. Only few of these officers were repatriated to their parent Commissionerate as per the transfer policy. These officers have also given representations but administration has not considered their grounds as genuine and did not consider their requests. Further at the time of the annual general transfer order issued in May-2009 and June-2010 some of the officers whose parent Commissionerate is Rajkot Commissionerate, on repatriation from Customs Preventive Commissionerate Jamnagar were posted to Bhavnagar Commissionerate.

At present we do not have specific cadre of Custom officers. The Central Excise officers of Rajkot Commissionerate and Bhavnagar Commissionerate are sent on transfer basis to man Customs formation. After completion of their tenure of 4years in Customs Preventive Commissionerate Jamnagar the officers are to be repatriated to their respective parent Commissionerate. However from the annual general transfer order issued in May -2009, the officers of Rajkot Commissionerate (their parent Commissionerate) after completion of their tenure in Customs Preventive Commissionerate Jamnagar are being transferred to Central Excise Commissionerate Bhavnagar to fill deficiency/ vacancy. In this way in all they have completed more than around 5 years and more than 5 years of tenure out of their parent Commissionerate.

Keeping in view the above position of the existing transfer policy, this Association begs to submit the following few lines for your kind consideration:

Your kind attention is invited to the Transfer Policy for Rajkot Sector framed by the Hon’ble Chief Commissioner, Central Excise, Ahmedabad vide his office letter F.No. II/3-11/CCO/2002 Pt.-I dated 13.05.2009 wherein at para 4 the manner of posting officers to Bhavnagar Commissionerate in case of deficiency/vacancy in the number of officer in Bhavnagar Commissionerate, is mentioned. At para 4 (ii) it is mentioned that newly recruited officers shall be posted at Bhavnagar Commissionerate.

The Additional Commissioner (P&V), Central Excise & Customs, Vadodara-I has vide Establishment Order No. 141/2010 dated 15.11.2010 allotted 115 newly recruited Inspectors to Ahmedabad Zone. The association would like to suggest that in light of para 4 (ii) of the existing transfer policy the newly recruited Inspectors may be posted to Central Excise Commissionerate, Bhavnagar and the officers of Rajkot Commissionerate presently posted to Bhavnagar Commissionerate may be transferred to Rajkot Commissionerate i.e. their parent Commissionerate. Posting of such newly recruited officers would help to have a permanent strength of Inspectors in Bhavnagar Commissionerate. The office bearers had held discussion with your honour on 02.12.2010 at Rajkot regarding the posting of newly recruited Inspectors to Central Excise Commissionerate, Bhavnagar in substitute against the officers who may be transferred from Bhavnagar Commissionerate to Rajkot Commissionerate and your honour had told the association to look in to the matter positively. It is requested to consider the above request favorably, as this would result in creating permanent strength of Inspectors at Bhavnagar Central Excise Commissionerate and bringing a permanent solution of providing staff from of Rajkot Commissionerate.

In view of the above, it is humbly requested to consider the above request and issue suitable instructions in the matter to the concerned resulting in a permanent solution. It is once again sincerely requested to consider the above request.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours faithfully,

(Dilip J. Pandya)


Copy to:

1. The Commissioner, Central Excise, Bhavnagar.

2. The Commissioner, Central Excise, Rajkot.

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