Monday, June 6, 2011

Letter to Hon'ble Member (P&V), CBEC, New Delhi

Date : 06.06.2011

Hon'ble Madam,


Your honour is being briefed in detail by our Secretary general about Gujarat's problem. We too have sent much deliberation to your honour. In nut shell we request your honour to consider the following points and intervene into the matter.

1. The Chief Commissioner Madam is being briefed in detail and requested to keep in abeyance the new policy till the restructuring is materialized.

2. At least 300 posts of Assistant Commissioner and 300 posts of Superintendents and few more zones will be coming in Gujarat. Due to this 900 officers will be promoted and displaced and new zones will emerge from the existing formations. It is crystal clear that in that development what will be the fate of this newly born baby (Draft Policy).

3. AGT is badly delayed. All officers who are due for transfer/not due for transfer have already paid the fees and academic year has started. At this juncture you can understand the fate of children education.

4. The chief Commissioner Madam repeatedly says that she will not displace much. We want to know that when she don't want to displace the officers, why she want the new policy implemented immediately.

Yours faithfully,


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