Sunday, July 24, 2011

Comments on new proposed transfer policy for Group 'B' officers.

Views / comments received from members of the Association :

To formulate a new transfer policy with the objective aim to provide transparency & clarity to promote integrity, efficiency and performance of the officers.

This is very good thing if department really wants to do so but, on going through the draft of proposed policy, it looks like a miracle. In the proposed policy, Chief Commissioner and Commissioners’ are given vast discretion powers. In guise of administration they will be able to post an officer from one sensitive charge to another sensitive charge, as also going on presently viz..

(i) Many such instances are noticed wherein certain officers continuously allowed to work in sensitive charge. On paper they are rotated from sensitive charge to non sensitive charge from time to time but in the guise of administration they are allowed to hold additional charge of some other sensitive charge by making order on the note sheet of a file. Such charge/posting did not reflect anywhere in the establishment record or history of posting of the officer. By this way certain officers get back door entry and continuously enjoying sensitive charge. Everybody knows that such types of postings are given only to those officers, who are close & submissive to the higher-ups irrespective of their work performance towards department.

(ii) Practically it is not feasible for the Chief Commissioner or Commissioner to monitor of each and every officer, directly. They get feedback from the AC/DC/JC or from his ACR grading. Everybody knows that generally excellent and outstanding gradings are given to those officers, who are close and submissive to the higher-ups.

In absence of strict transfer / rotation policy, transfer and fairness may not be expected from the administration. You are therefore requested to make strong representation / submissions before the CBEC on behalf of our association to frame strict rotation/ transfer posting policy by leaving minimum discretion with the Chief Commissioner and Commissioners’ in rotation/ transfer posting policy of Group “B” officers for better and efficient performance of all the officers. To ensure transparency, all rotation/ transfer posting orders and HOP of the officer should invariably be placed on the website of the concerned office.

Postings in Vigilance Branches should not be considered sensitive, since there is no public dealing involved, and no discretionary responsibilities are entrusted with them in such postings.

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  1. In the draft guidelines, senior management is empowered to formulate zonal transfer policies taking into account local factors.

    But the important question is that does senior management takes into account the "local factors" ? Looking to the current scenario and mindset of the senior management, we don't expect so, as it is clearly evident from the latest Customs Policy in Gujarat. None of the representations made by Associations have been taken into consideration.


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