Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Points for JCM on 20.03.2013 held by the CCP-Jamnagar

The  Commissioner,
Customs Preventive, 

                  Sub: J.C.M. to be held on 20.03.2013.

                  Kindly refer to the notice dated 19.03.2013 issued by the Assistant Commissioner (P&V) regarding holding of J.C.M. on 20.03.2013 and submission of points for discussion.

         The following points / grievances are submitted herewith for discussion in the meeting:               

A. Not to conduct J.C.M. for formality:  
         In this connection it is to submit that the administration must issue the notice for holding of J.C.M. well in advance which would give time to the association to collected point from various Customs formations. The J.C.M. is held to hear and resolve the grievances of the staff.  The administration has given only one day time to submit the points which shows that the administration is not interested in conducting the J.C.M. to resolve the issues but only to complete the formalities.

B.  Infrastructure :
            The major issue concerns with the availability of infrastructure at lower formations. The fact may be appreciated that basic facilities and good working environment definitely increase the efficiency of the officer. There are many lower formations including remote places where basic facilities including good office premises as well as proper furniture, computer, drinking water etc. are lacking. In the current modern era, telephone, computer, internet, photocopier machine etc. are also required for speedy communication. The Association would appreciate urgent intervention of the administration in the matter for providing good infrastructure facilities.

C. Circulation and forwarding of willingness for deputation postings.
            This Association has already taken up the matter with the administration for circulation of willingness called for by the other agencies like DRI, NCB, SEZ, International Airports etc. The willingness may be circulated to the lower formations and the willingness submitted may be forwarded to respective authorities in time.

D.  Vehicles for patrolling:
Although sufficient vehicles have been provided by the department, vehicles are not provided for the purpose of patrolling which is the most sensitive part of our duty.  It is also to be noted that the Commissionerate of Customs (Prev.) has been provided with new vehicles recently exclusively for undertaking the preventive work but same are not being used for patrolling purpose.
E.   Working on Saturday and Sunday:
        Notice for working of office on Saturday and Sunday are been issued at Commissionerate level frequently. The reasons for working of office on holidays are inspection of lower formations and meetings held in the Hq office Jamnagar. The orders for working of office on holidays may only be issued on directions from Board or for special measures.

F.       Any other point raised during the time of meeting.

           It is to inform that Shri Uttam Bhalsod, Inspector of Customs has been nominated to attend this J.C.M. on behalf of the association

                                                                              Yours faithfully,

                                (Dilip J. Pandya)

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