Monday, May 26, 2014

Letter to CC, C.Ex., Ahmedabad requesting for issuance of AGT-2014 order.


F.No. AICEIA/RJT/1/2008                                               Date: 26.05.2014

The Chief Commissioner,
Central Excise Ahmedabad Zone,


Sub:   Issuance of AGT 2014 orders - reg.

Sir, as your honour is already aware that the AGT 2014 orders were not issued as it was expected that the Cadre restructuring in CBEC is likely to be implemented in the month of May. The messages issued by the Chairman CBEC also informed that the notifications are expected to be issued by 23.05.2014. However the notifications are not issued and on other hand some order issued by the CBEC are also kept on hold. This gives an impression that the Cadre Restructuring process will be delayed.

Sir, Rajkot Sector comprises of three Commissionerates i.e. Central Excise Commissionerate Rajkot & Bhavnagar and Customs Preventive Commissionerate Jamnagar. The jurisdiction overseen by these Commissionerates is entire Saurashtra region. The distance from one end to other end of this region is more than 500 kms. And top of it, it boasts of very hostile and far-flung areas and vast coastline at inhospitable places where the Customs and Central Excise office are found dotted.

We are now in the last week of May and it is about time by which ideally the Annual General Transfer exercise should be over. During AGT inter-exchange or intra-exchange of the officers from one Commissionerate to another or within Commissionerate takes place. Owing to vastness of this jurisdiction, often the officers are required to shift their family and domicile, leaving little time to cope up with the situation. Shifting family and domicile accompanies with it many arduous hardship and tasks, which are not quite facile to manage. Admission for their kids/wards at a school/college, finding appropriate accommodation, getting utilities connections at a new place of posting, far away from their present posting, are some of the difficulties that stares at the officer in such event.   Under the given circumstances timely issuance of AGT orders assumes great importance and provides much needed succor to the officers.

Sir, the members of this Association are quite worried and anxious on this count and therefore we urge your kind honour to issue suitable directions to the Committee to issue the AGT orders for 2014 immediately and at least orders transferring officers to / from Customs by 31st May.

Furthermore, it is sincerely requested that as the annual general transfer orders are already over delayed leading to undue hardship to the officers affected, it is once again requested to issue the AGT-2014 orders as early as possible.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours faithfully,

(Dilip J. Pandya)

Copy to : The Commissioner, Central Excise, Rajkot. (Chairman of the Committee) 


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  2. Dear sir,
    Thank you so much for the concern shown towards the general interests of the Cadre culminating into prompt action and hope that joint & continued efforts taken in this regard shall definitely yield good results.
    Yours sincerely,
    R P Singh

  3. Dear sir,
    A delayed but correct step taken in right direction........ however, this should not be the end of efforts and continuous efforts should be made to make the administration realize the necessity of timely AGT orders.

    Gopal Jha

  4. Dear sir,
    Had this letter been issued earlier, it would have served the general interests of the members in a better manner, nevertheless, it is a welcome step. Now, it should be ensured that the administration should not linger the AGT-2014 anymore and it sticks to its own words.
    Amit Kumar

  5. First of all, i would like to thank my revered friend Shri R P Singh who continuously takes pain to make the Office-Bearers realize the grievances of the Cadre as also their duty to respond to the same. Needless to say, the letter addressed to CC, Central Excise, Ahmedabad Zone has been written only after the issue was raised by Shri Singh in his e-mail dated 25.05.2014, nevertheless,issuance of letter is a right step though delayedly taken. The Office-Bearers are requested to coercively pursue the matter with the administration for early issuance of AGT-2014 Orders.
    M S Gandive

  6. Thanks to initiate such step. Further, it should be understood by the all members of the rajkot branch that Customs Jamnagar is not a part of rajkot sector as after implementation of new customs policy there is no role remain of rajkot sector with respect to customs jamnagar.
    Shri Niwas Meena.

  7. Dear members,
    Thank you so much for providing me with vim, vigor, confidence and support for initiation of step leading to issuance of letter for early AGT-2014. The undersigned owes this success to you all.
    It is an acknowledged fact that the collective efforts of the members and more than that, the wide interest shown by the members compelled the complacent Office-Bearers give up their lethargy and realize the ground reality of AGT-2014 at All India level. Having realized their duty towards the members of the Association, the Office-Bearers responded in a prompt manner which is a welcome step but this is not the end of their responsibilities. It is just a small step forward in a long journey.
    It is learnt that very soon, the AGT-2014 Orders are going to be issued and so, the Office-Bearers are requested to be ensure that the procedure is conducted in a smooth, just & impartial manner, leaving no scope for future litigations.
    With a hope that the Office-Bearers shall be able to perform their duties sincerely & diligently!
    With fraternal regards,

    R P Singh


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