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F. No. AICEIA/RJT/1/2008                                                              Date: 07.08.2014  


The President warmly welcomed the Chief Guest Shri G K Jhala, General Secretary, AICEGEO (Rajkot Unit) as also the members of this Association and declared the meeting open.

Shri G K Jhalla, Superintendent thanked this Association for the respect & regard shown and pledged that both the Associations shall work in tandem to achieve the desired goals. He motivated the members for giving their best to the Department & to shun the selfish attitude so as to make the Association strong.

The Organizing Secretary welcomed the members especially those who came here travelling a distance of 200 km to participate in the Meeting and emphasized the need for broadening the base of the Organization in view of the challenges ahead. The Organizing Secretary, who is also holding the post of National Vice-President of AICEIA apprised the members regarding the recent developments at national level especially about the Cadre Restructuring & its impact.

The Organizing Secretary invited the members to share their experiences & grievances and to offer suitable suggestions for the general welfare of the members of this Association. In response to the same, the members expressed their grievances & also offered suggestions for the better working conditions. In view of the same, following resolutions were passed unanimously and the members authorized the President to get the grievances resolved at the earliest:

(1)  Conduct of JCM at the earliest;
(2)  Compliance of the terms & conditions of the Agreement by the Canteen Operator;
(3)  Rotation of Ministerial Staff to ensure transparency & efficiency;
(4)  Framing of Policy for tenure at Service Tax;
(5)  Restriction on allocation of ministerial work to Executive Cadre;
(6)  Maintenance of Emergency Exit Doors;
(7)  Deployment of Private Security Guards or Group ‘C’ at Entry/Exit Gate for adequate security of Office premises & Quarters;
(8)  CCTV Cameras to be installed at all floors as well as at Entry/Exit & Reception and CCTV access be given to GSO with his Chamber at Ground Floor;
(9)  Renovation of Office Building and Quarters especially at Gondal Road & Kalawad Road;
(10)  Restriction on the unauthorized use of office premises as parking area;
(11)  Cleaning of toilets & stairs in the office to make it more hygienic;
(12)  Provision of basic infrastructure at all Sections/Office especially at remote areas; and
(13)  GSO/PRO Chambers be shifted at Ground Floor.

Nomination of Divisional Representatives was also done and the following members have been shouldered with the responsibility to make the membership drive more effective & successful:

(1)  Shri Rajesh Mishra, Division-I, Rajkot;
(2)  Shri Rakesh B. Dhruv, Division-II, Rajkot;
(3)  Shri Mridanshu Shekhar Gandive, Service Tax Division (Rajkot);
(4)  Shri Amit Kumar, Gandhidham (Central Excise & Service Tax); and,
(5)  Shri Y P Bhayani, Jamnagar (Central Excise & Service Tax).

              The President thanked the members for their continued faith in the Association and pledged to make the Association stronger than ever before.

 (Rananjay Pratap Singh)                                                                   (Piyush Thakar)
   Organizing Secretary                                                                           President

Copy submitted to: The Commissioner, Central Excise & Customs, Rajkot.

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