Tuesday, January 27, 2015


As per the Minutes of the Meeting held on 23.01.2015 in the Conference Hall, Central Excise, Rajkot, after due discussion and deliberation, it has been decided that following functions may be held to celebrate the Central Excise Day, 2015:

(i)                 Organization of Blood Donation Camps;
(ii)               Release of “Saurashtra Gaurav” Fourth Edition;
(iii)             Distribution of Commendation Certificates to Recommended Officers;
(iv)             Distribution of Prize & Participation Certificates to Contestants of Various Cultural & Sports Activities;
(v)               Distribution of Certificate of Excellency to Top-10 Assessees of Rajkot Commissionerate;
(vi)             Organization of Cultural Activities like Dance, Drama, Mimicry, Solo Acting etc.;
(vii)           Organization of In-House Activities like Quiz, Debate, Essay Writing, Painting etc.;
(viii)         Organization of Sports Activities like Cricket, Table Tennis, Chess, Badminton etc.; and,
(ix)             Dinner on the Eve of 24th Feb., 2015.

The Additional Commissioner (P&V), CCE, Rajkot, after due discussion and deliberation with the officers present in the Meeting, announced the formation of below mentioned Committees and nominated the officers to co-ordinate & to organize the concerned activity with the help of other officers:

(i)                 Committee to Decide Over Award of Commendation Certificates

(a) Shri Pramod Vasave, Additional Commissioner;
(b) Shri Akash S. Shrikhande, Assistant Commissioner; and,
(c) Shri Rajesh Tripathi, Assistant Commissioner.

(ii)               Organizing Committee

(a)    Shri Rajendra S. Raithatha, Assistant Commissioner;
(b)   Shri Jasmine B. Dattani, Superintendent;
(c)    Shri Bhavesh V. Makadia, Superintendent;
(d)   Shri Rananjay Pratap Singh, Inspector; and,
(e)    Shri Himanshu Patel, Inspector.

(iii)             Cultural Committee

(a) Shri H K Meshram, Assistant Commissioner;
(b) Shri M P Solanki, Assistant Commissioner;
(c) Shri Mahesh Prasad Rai, AAO;
(d) Smt. Ajitha Menon, Senior PS;
(e) Smt. Shiny Dennis, Superintendent;
(f) Shri Manvendra Singh, Inspector;
(g) Shri Vikrant Shrama, Inspector; and,
(h) Shri Amrendra Kumar Thakur, Stenographer.

(iv)             Committee to Organize In-House Activities

(a)    Shri Rajesh Tripathi, Assistant Commissioner;
(b)   Shri N Mohan Krishna, Assistant Commissioner;
(c) Shri G K Jhala, Superintendent;
(d) Shri M K Gandhi, Superintendent;
(e) Shri Manish Kumar, Superintendent;
(f) Smt. Priyanka Trivedi, Superintendent;
(g) Smt. Krishna Shah, Inspector;
(h) Shri Chandan Singh Bisht, Inspector; and,
(i) Shri Pawan Kumar, Inspector.

(v)               Sports Committee

(a)    Shri Moni K. Das, Deputy Commissioner;
(b)   Shri Naresh K. Saini, Assistant Commissioner;
(c)    Shri Saju John, Superintendent,
(d)   Shri Neeraj Dave, Inspector; and,
(e)    Shri Kamal Kumar Sulaniya, Inspector.

As per the said Minutes, it has been decided that the function shall be jointly held for Central Excise, Rajkot Commissionerate, Kutch Commissionerate & Audit-III Commissionerate. It has been decided that the Division/Section Heads shall forward the names of suitable candidates to the competent authority for award of Commendation Certificates. The work relating to publication of Commendation & Participation Certificates and dinner management has been accorded to the Organizing Committee. Willing officers are requested to contact the nominated officers for ensuring their participation in the concerned activity.

All the activities relating to Central Excise Day-2015 shall be performed under the overall supervision and guidance of Shri Pramod Vasave, Additional Commissioner (P&V) & Shri Binod Kumar Singh, Joint Commissioner (AE), Central Excise, Rajkot.

Note: The purpose of sharing the details of the Minutes dated 27.01.2015 as circulated to the General Secretary, AICEIA (Rajkot Branch) is to disseminate information among the officers only.

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