Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Amendments in the Transfer/Placement Policy for Customs Dated 10.06.2011, as Amended: Reg.


The Additional Commissioner, CCO (Customs), Ahmedabad has through an Office Order issued vide F. No. II/3-2/Estt./CCO/2013 dated 27.04.2015 intimated this Association that certain amendments have been brought in the existing Transfer/Placement Policy for Customs Dated 10.06.2011. The noteworthy changes are as follows:

(i) Willingness system limited to 50% of the total vacancy at the time of AGT has been introduced for Kandla/Mundra Customs Commissionerates;

(ii) Willingness shall be called from the Officers of Central Excise Ahmedabad as well as Vadodara Zones;

(iii) Willingness should be given jointly for Kandla as well as Mundra Customs and the tenure, to the extent administratively feasible, will be of two years each for Kandla & Mundra Customs;

(iv) Only an Officer who has completed an immediate continuous working tenure of four years in Central Excise formation shall be eligible to give willingness;

(v) If excess willingness is received, then first preference shall be given to Senior Most Officer in that particular grade;

(vi) If sufficient number of Officers will not be available, then Officers will be selected as per Para 3 & 4 of the existing Transfer/Placement Policy;

(vii) Lady Officers shall be allowed exemption from outstation Customs postings, but only for AGT-2015 and exemption shall not be available from AGT-2016 onwards;

(viii) Initial posting in Customs shall be decided according to previous HOP of an Officer; and,

(ix) The tenure at the O/o of the Commr. (Appeals), Customs, Ahmedabad will be of two years.

Note: The purpose of this Blog is to disseminate information, however, the readers are advised to consult both the Transfer/Placement Policy for Customs Dated 10.06.2011 & 27.04.2015 for better understanding.

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