Monday, March 7, 2016

Mail in Response to the Representation of Some Officers of Bhavnagar Commissionerate: Reg.

Dear Comrades,

It gives me immense pleasure to share that the Comrades of Bhavnagar Commissionerate are so enthusiastic about the Central Excise Transfer/Rotation Policy-2015 dated 08.05.2015 framed for Central Excise, Ahmedabad Zone and the recent amendment dated 02.03.2016 in the same and I extend my warm greetings to you for taking pain in drafting such a wonderful & emotional letter.

All of you have charged the General Secretary of AICEIA (Rajkot Branch) for not taking into consideration the sentiments of members at Bhavnagar Commissionerate while submitting the letter dated 17.02.2016 to the Chief Commissioner, Central Excise, Ahmedabad Zone, Ahmedabad. You have also reminded him about the vast jurisdiction of Bhavnagar Commissionerate and the hardships which are faced by the officers of Bhavnagar Commissionerate. The issue which seems to have perturbed you the most is the Clause 9 in the Central Excise Transfer/Rotation Policy-2015 dated 08.05.2015 which pertains to 06 years tenure in a particular Commissionerate and which was fixed as 07 years for AGT-2015 on one time basis by the competent authority.

Comrades, it is known to all that the undersigned has himself served at Bhavnagar Commissionerate for 02 years and while posted at Audit Section for around a year, the undersigned has travelled  a lot from the length and breadth of Bhavnagar Commissionerate, so, it is needless to remind him about the jurisdiction of Bhavnagar Commissionerate.

Comrades, you have charged the undersigned for not taking into consideration the sentiments of members at Bhavnagar Commissionerate, but you failed to remember the General Body Meeting of AICEIA (Rajkot Branch) convened on 16.05.2015 wherein the Central Excise Transfer/Rotation Policy-2015 dated 08.05.2015 was appreciated by all the members present over there unanimously and without a single word of dissent. After the said GBM, the undersigned prepared a draft of the Minutes of GBM and circulated it over the Official Blog of AICEIA (Rajkot Branch) on 18.05.2015. When the undersigned did not receive any suggestion for amendment in the said draft regarding the GBM dated 16.05.2015, it was treated as finalized by all and then only, it was submitted to the administration. Nearly after passage of 15 days, the undersigned shared "Cardinal Points for AGT-2015 for Guidance of Officers in the Grade of Inspectors" on 01.06.2015 on the same Official Blog of AICEIA (Rajkot Branch). No such representation or Resolution was moved by any member at Bhavnagar Commissionerate regarding Central Excise Transfer/Rotation Policy-2015 dated 08.05.2015 at that point of time. This time no new significant changes pertaining to Clause 9 of the Central Excise Transfer/Rotation Policy-2015 dated 08.05.2015 have been made by the administration in its letter dated 02.03.2016 and so, the voices of dissent seem to be manufactured. 

Comrades, a plea against Clause 9 of Central Excise Transfer/Rotation Policy-2015 dated 08.05.2015 has been taken by you which is based upon the hardship on transfer for one year or so, but, let's remember that this year the hardship may be faced by you but, next year, the same hardship will be faced by some other Comrade and the process is eternal. Going by the logic, no transfer should be effected by the administration and the Association should do all out efforts to negate transfers. As wise & prudent officers, do you think the demand is just & may be acceptable to the administration? Comrades, lets not think about the individuals but, lets try our best to bring parity, efficiency and transparency in the administration and lets not forget that as Executive Officers, we are part of administration.

So far as the resolution dated 27.02.2016 is concerned, let me remind you that many officers have put their signatures and it is next to impossible to identify our members amongst them. Moreover, there are repeated signatures like that of Md. Manir on Sr. No. 05 as well as Sr. No. 46. as well as signature of officers presently not serving at Bhavnagar Commissionerate. It is unfortunate that such type of incidences occur and which give the administration a chance to comment upon. 

Hope the undersigned has responded to your representations/resolution in a fair manner.

With best wishes,

Fraternally yours,
Rananjay Pratap Singh,
General Secretary, 

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