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JCM held at CCP-Jamnagar on 24.01.2012

The J.C.M. meeting was held on 24.01.2012 under the chairmanship of the Commissioner of Customs, Customs (Prev.) Commissionerate, Jamangar. Group ‘B’ Non-Gazzeted Officer’s Association was also invited to attend the meeting along with other staff associations.

Following points were submitted by the Association for discussion in the said JCM :

A. Transfer Policy :

1. This Association would like to put forward grievances of the members being faced on account of past AGT orders. It has come to notice that the officers are transferred from one charge to another charge changing the station within two years. At this juncture, we would like to bring to your notice that till date the practice of transfer of officers followed by the administration was that at a station where there is more than one formation (sensitive and non-sensitive), the officer is allowed to continue his tenure at that station more than two years. The main and primary motive behind such practice adopted by the administration was minimum transfer and disturbance of the officer. That is too in the interest of the department.

2. In the last AGT orders, it seems that all the stations were put in the category of two years expect Jamnagar and remote stations. In the present scenario, an officer would have minimum three transfers with a change of station during Customs tenure of four years if he/she is posted outside the Jamnagar station. Sir, you may also appreciate the fact that frequent transfers cause avoidable instability, resulting in inadequate development of expertise of an officer and grasp of the responsibilities, besides resulting in avoidable expenditure. This Association would like to draw your attention to the Transfer /Rotation / Placement policy framed by the Chief Commissioner, Customs, Gujarat Zone dated 10.06.2011 issued from F.No. II/3-11/Estt/2011/CCO wherein guidelines for classification of station is given at Para 6 which is reproduced below :


Every Commissionerate shall classify all its stations into three categories which will generally have a maximum of tenure as mentioned below:

Category 1 : 4 years (maximum)

Category 2 : 2 years

Category 3 : Remote/ difficult/ hard postings with one year tenure

The above categorization would be based on the level of development of the place, its connectivity, availability of medical, educational and other amenities, etc. A Commissionerate may not have all the three categories. …”

It is pertinent to emphasis that the development of place, its connectivity, availability of medical, educational and other amenities etc. have to be taken into count while categorising any station for its tenure. As on date, in the jurisdiction of Jamnagar Customs Commissionerate, there are many stations which have now well developed, have good transport connectivity, better availability of medical, educational and other amenities and also have more than one formation both sensitive and non-sensitive. Out of those, two stations viz. Bhavnagar and Porbandar are also the district headquarters.

3. As per the present policy, if an officer is transferred frequently i.e. three to four transfer during Customs tenure, how could Department expect adequate development of expertise, grasp of responsibility from him when the officer himself is under undue hardship and in state of instability. On the other hand, the Department has also to bear unnecessary and avoidable expenditure on transfer allowances. In the circumstances, categorization of station for its tenure needs urgent revision with a view to ensure longer tenures at posting, wherever feasible, in the interest of officers as well as exchequer.

B. Circulation and forwarding of willingness for deputation postings.

This Association has already taken up the matter with the administration for circulation of willingness called for by the other agencies like DRI, NCB, SEZ, International Airports etc. The same has not been circulated to the lower formations and even if it is circulated the willingness has not been forwarded to respective authorities in time depriving the officers from the exposure of deputation postings. Same has been circulated and forwarded in other Commissionerates of the zone.

C. Infrastructure :

The major issue concerns with the availability of infrastructure at lower formations. The fact may be appreciated that basic facilities and good working environment definitely increase the efficiency of the officer. There are so many lower formations including remote places where basic facilities including good office premises as well as proper furniture, drinking water etc. are lacking. Many of the Shore Guard units though being the preventive formations are not having vehicles as well as other related articles/equipments. The position of arms and ammunitions is also poor, either same is not available or not in a working condition. In the current modern era, telephone, computer, internet, photocopier machine etc. are also required for speedy communication. The Association would appreciate urgent intervention of the administration in the matter.

D. Issue related to arms licence.

The department is providing arms to the officers on loan basis on the condition that the officer should be possessing valid arms licence issued by competent State authorities. Instances have come to notice that when any officer requests for the no objection certificate from the department for applying to the State authorities to obtain arms licence, unwarranted queries are being raised for one or other reason and that too in piece-meal thereby delaying the matter. In absence of such NOC, the State authorities simply reject the arms licence application. The Association would like to urge the administration to look into the matter and direct the concerned suitably. It would be highly appreciated if the strong recommendation for arms licences is also provided along with such NOC.

E. Issue related to inter-commissionerate transfer.

It has brought to the notice of the Association that the request applications for inter-commissionerate transfer submitted by the officers on spouse ground are not being forwarded to the higher authorities. Even the officers who are under order of inter-commissionerate transfer are not being relieved causing the seniority loss to the individual officer due to delay in relieving. This Association would like the administration to look into the matter positively in terms of the DOP&T’s guidelines in this regard.

F. Non-issuance of pay-slips and income-tax liability notice.

It has come the notice of the Association that in many of the Customs formations, monthly pay-slips are not being issued. It has also been the general practice in the department that the notice with regard to income-tax liability are being issued in the month of December so as to make the individual officer aware regarding his/her income-tax liability and planning for savings thereof. This has not been followed in many of the formations.

G. Any other point raised during the time of meeting.

The office bearers of the Association attended the said JCM on 24.01.2012 at Jamangar and discussed all the above points at length. The Association looks forward for the positive response on the issues from the administration.

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