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Meeting with the Chief Commissioner, Central Excise, Ahmedabad Zone

A meeting of both Inspector and Superintendent Associations was held with the Chief Commissioner of Central Excise, Ahmedabad Zone during her visit to Rajkot on 31.01.2012. Following joint representation was submitted to the Chief Commissioner Madam during the meeting which she had heard patiently and assured to look in the matter.

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F.No. : AICEIA/RJT/1/2012 Date : 31.01.2012


The Chief Commissioner,

Central Excise Ahmedabad Zone,

Ahmedabad (Camp – Rajkot).


Sub : Concerns and problems of the officers of Rajkot sector.

With due respect, it is to state that the existing situation prevailing at Central Excise Commissionerate, Rajkot and Rajkot sector at large, has compelled both the associations to submit following few points for your kind consideration :-

1. Allowing resumption of Inspectors promoted to the grade of Superintendent at their respective Commissionerate and further issuance of order allocating Commissionerate within Sector by the Sectoral Cadre Controlling Authority :

(i) Recently some Inspectors have been promoted from the grade of Inspector to the grade of Superintendent Group B.

Due to administrative exigencies for issuing detailed order of Sector/Commissionerate, there is a time gap of 25 to 30 days, and even is some cases even more than couple of months. However, normally the promoted officers are provided with the period of 15 days, within which they are supposed to join new place of posting indicated in the promotion order in order to accept their promotion. Initially at the time of issuing promotion order, the officers are placed at the disposal of Ahmedabad Zonal office. However, during this intervening period, officers promoted, are placed in very peculiar situation. Since the Sector orders are not issued, sectoral cadre controlling authority at Rajkot is not in position to accept the resumption/acceptance report from the promoted officers. Therefore, for few days, till the sector orders are issued by the Ahmedabad Zonal office, the officers from Kandla, Rajkot, Bhavnagar and Customs (Prev) Commissionerate Jamnagar are compelled to join the zonal establishment office at Ahmedabad. Both the Associations are of opinion and request your honour to issue suitable instructions to the sectoral cadre controlling authority at Rajkot, to accept resumption report of the officers promoted at their respective Commissionerate where they are presently posted, just as was system prevailing in the erstwhile period. This would spare the promoted officers from avoidable hardship they have to undergo at the time promotion. Joining at Ahmedabad would further entail the officer to get relieved from Kandla/ Bhavnagar/ Jamnagar/ Rajkot, join at Ahmedabad, again getting relieved from Ahmedabad, joining at Rajkot Sector, and again joining to the Commissionerate, where they are eventually posted. Most importantly during this intervening period the services of officer could not be availed and it is also a sort of wastage of manpower.

(ii) Further even after allocation of the promoted officer and the officer repatriated to the parent Commissionerate to the particular sector, the posting of the officer within the sector after being finalized by the local committee are again being sent to the zonal cadre controlling authority for approval and issuance of order there from. This appears to be duplication of process and further results in undue delays of posting. It is, therefore, requested that once the establishment orders allocating particular sector is issued by the CCO, the order for Commisssionerate should be issued by the local cadre controlling authority only.

2. Forwarding of willingness for deputation to other organizations/agencies:

It has been brought to the notice of the associations that the willingness submitted by the officers for deputations to other organizations/ agencies are not being forwarded to the concerned organizations/ agencies calling for willingness.

Madam, you are aware that the posting of Inspectors to other agencies such as DRI, SEZ, DGCEI, International Airports etc. are done on deputation basis. The primary objective of deputation postings is to expose the officers to different kind of work. The willingness for deputation to other organizations/ agencies/formations are being forwarded by other Commissionerate of Rajkot Sector and also other Commissionerate outside Rajkot Sector to the organizations/ agencies calling willingness. If the willingness for deputation submitted by the officers of Central Excise Commissionerate, Rajkot are not forwarded to the concerned organizations/ agencies in time it would deprive the officers of the opportunity of getting exposure of different kind of work. Hence, in the interest of justice and equality, it would be fair that the officers desirous for submitting willingness for deputation postings and to work with other organizations/ agencies may not be deprived from such prerogative and it is requested that their applications for deputation to other organizations/ agencies may be are forwarded to the concerned organizations/ agencies in time.

3. Overstay of some of the officers in the Deputation postings :

There is a flip side to the above issue too. Just as some of the officers are not getting opportunity to get exposure to the deputation posting, some lucky few have dropped permanent anchor in the deputation posting. In quite contrast to above, there are few officers who have made deputation postings as their permanent HQ. In some of the deputation postings there are some officers who have been working for almost a decade. Normal tenure of any deputation posting is 2/3 years and any retention of officers beyond that stipulated period frustrate the very objective of deputation posting. The other officer desirous of working in such deputation postings would naturally not get opportunity to work, as some of the officers never move out of such deputation postings.

Department of Personnel and Training has issued Officer Memoradum F. No. 6/8/2009-Estt(Pay-II) dated 01.03.2011 which lays down consequences of overstay on deputation postings.

4. Posting of officers at SEZ :

Recently it has been gathered that the establishment orders for posting of officers to SEZ will be done by the jurisdictional Commissioner and following such instructions, orders of few officers for posting to SEZ were issued by Commissioner Rajkot and Bhavnagar. In quite contrast to above policy, it is to bring to the notice that order of posting of one of the officer to MPSEZ Mundra from Customs, Kandla has directly been issued by the office of Development Commissioner, Ahmedabad. It is requested to take up the matter with the Development Commissioner and the order may be got cancelled. Further, it is also requested to kindly take up the matter with the Development Commissioner for relieving of officers who have already completed their tenure in SEZ and posting other officers of the jurisdiction may be done by the Commissioner, Rajkot against the existing/ occurred vacancies in SEZ.

5. Un-even distribution of staff among Commissionerate :

(i) Posting of officers of Rajkot Commissionerate to Bhavnagar Commissionerate :

Madam, it is to submit that shortage of staff at Bhavnagar Commissionerate should be filled up by taking into consideration the working strength of the entire zone. Out of only 4 Admn. Officers in the entire zone, recently one of the Admn. Officers has been transferred to Bhavnagar Commissionerate whereas there are 28 Admn. Officers working at Ahmedabad. As a consequence of this, a number of administrative and financial tasks remain pending at Rajkot Commissionerate. This results overburden of work on the superintendents to whom the additional charge of administrative officer is given.

(ii) Non-allocation of newly recruited inspectors to Rajkot sector :

Recently 80 inspectors have been inducted in the Ahmedabad Zone. However, none of the inspector has been allotted to Rajkot sector. The officer should be proportionally allotted looking to the existing staffing position of each sector. Rajkot sector has also severe deficiency in the cadre of inspector.

(iii) Mid-term transfer :

It has been brought to the notice that recently, the Customs Commissionerate has sought 15 inspector for its Commissionerates. The names of the officers have probably been sent. Madam, on one hand, none of the officers out of newly 80 promoted inspectors are allotted to Rajkot sector and another hand there is deficiency of Rajkot sector is being increased by shifting officers to Customs formation. The members of this association are completely against any mid-term transfer and we request you not to disturb any officer in mid-term.

The members of this association are also opinion that there is no real deficiency of staff in customs formation. Since, the inspector, are made to do work and posted to non-executive sections like, CAO, Adm, Establishment etc. deficiency is noticed. Solution to this serious problem of improper utilization manpower needs to thrashed out, first.

Further any mid-term transfer at the time of ensuing Annual Budget period is likely to affect revenue prospect of the commissionerate.

6. Partial amendment to the existing transfer policy :

(i) As per para 5.5 of the terms and tenure of stay at different stations / cities of the country of the Group “A” Transfer Policy defined. At the said para, it is laid down that the time spent at certain (non-sensitive) posts shall not be counted for computing the overall period for particular station. Accordingly, keeping in view the provisions made vide para 5.5 of the Transfer / Placement Policy for Group-A officers, it is requested that a provision, on similar line may also be made in the case of Group-B and Group-C officers of the Commissionerate too. This Association proposes the following (non-sensitive) posts/sections in the commissionerate of Rajkot sector, the tenure spent at which, should not be counted for computing overall period at any Headquarters for the purpose of Transferring Group- B and C officers :

(i) Legal (ii) RRA, (iii) Vigilance (iv) Confidential (v) Adjudication (vi) Statistics (vii) Recovery (viii) Technical (ix) GSO / PRO (x) Training (xi) SPS (xii) All other charges where there is no direct and regular interface with the public and trade.

Accordingly, it is requested that the existing Transfer Policy of the Group B and C officer, be amended in line with the Transfer/Placement Policy of Group - A officers. However, while counting the tenure in the aforesaid manner, the officer should have option so as to include the tenure at above non-sensitive sections as well. While conducting the Annual General Transfer, 2011 the period for which the officers worked at above non-sensitive charge/s should be excluded for the purpose of counting station / Headquarters tenure of six / four years.

(ii) The present transfer policy provides for retention of an officer whose child is studying in Class XII. In this connection, it is requested to amend the transfer policy and to include Class X & XI as the exams for these standards are also being conducted at Board level. Your attention is also invited to para 9.5 of the transfer policy for Group ‘A’ officers which provide that “In case an officer requests for retention in a particular station on the ground that his/ her child is studying in Class-X or Class-XII, the Board/ Placement Committee may consider such requests”.

7. Timely issuance of AGT orders :

Annual General Transfer and Posting orders may be issued by 15th April. Further entire process be completed within a maximum one month . It is also requested the minimum geographical dislocation should be done, as the same is very sensitive area and creates mass uproar and stir up sentiments amongst members of the association of this region.

Association would be greatly indebted to your Honour if the above concerns are looked into favorably.

Thanking you, in anticipation

Yours faithfully,

(G.K. Jhala)


Superintendent Association

(D.J. Pandya)


Inspectors’ Association

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